The story of me becoming a slut….

I’m a 28 year old woman in Tamil nadu, India.

4 years back I was orphaned by the death of my widow mother. I had no options to live, I studied only till 12th standard. This is the time when I was cornered by my dad’s old friends, who offered me a living in exchange for my body.

I had no choice in that part of my life when I had to accept it. They gave me 10k per night to fuck a guy. Even now I regret doing that but I had no other options and I didn’t do it intentionally. They used to offer 10k for every night twice every week. It was going on for two months when I met another guy who was so horny that he ended up fucking me for the whole night. He was so interested in me that he took me away with him saying that I’m worth more than 10k per night. He introduced me to the dark markets of the city. I made a lot of money for about a year. Sometimes business men came in group of four and offered me upto a lakh for that night. This was when I started using 18+ Confessions page to gain knowledge on sexuality. It made me think about my life. I started to understand how stupid I was in fucking every random guy I met to live a luxurious life.


I wanted to stop it once for ever. I had a huge savings account. I started to search peace in life. I met an old acquaintance (uncle) of my family who had a grocery shop. I thought this was the right time to start living a normal life. I started working in the shop on a dialy basis. My uncle did not know about my past. This part of my life turned to be the most beautiful one. I started to write  and got a bit popular. I met the love of my life, my uncle’s son. I said about my past at the instant he proposed me. He said he loved me for my new life I live and he said that he’ll forget the past. He wanted me to hide this information and not even tell about this to my uncle. I promised (sorry that I have broke his promise here. He had me tested for STDs and it tested negative.

Now I’ve been married to him for the past 1.5 years and we have a little girl. He has a stable job in a private firm and I continue to supervise in our grocery store. Last month I decided to discard the savings in my bank account. I talked about this with my husband and we decided it to donate it to an orphanage. I felt immensely happy during the moment we gave the cheque of 11.5 lakhs (18k USD) to the collector of a girl’s orphanage. I felt like I had prevented lots of girls from becoming like me.

Now I’m living a happy life with my family with this little secret which i hope will remain a secret forever.


The decision of getting my mother married, once again, is something I am proud of myself

The decision of getting my mother married, once again.

I lost my dad almost 2 years back to a silent attack at the age of 52. It came as a shock to me, my sister and my mother because my dad wasn’t sick at all and we never thought it could happen so early.

I will not make myself sad explaining how hard it was for three of us to fight against the hard time and trying to come out of it. My elder sister is married, so it was a bit less difficult for her to engage herself in her family to avoid the pain, but my mom and I were suffering every day & night seeing all those places in our home where my dad used to sit, talk, eat and laugh.


Even after 6 months of his demise, there was no relief. I remember the days when I used to come from office and used to see my mother sitting outside the house on the stairs with a sad face waiting for me to come so she can stop thinking about my dad and make herself busy by talking to me.

I could see my mom crying in front of his photograph and asking god why he took him away from her.

I remember her shouting his name in sleep and waking up all of a sudden asking me – “ Papa kaha hai? Where is Dad? ” I used to tell her to go back to sleep.

Only people like me who have lost their parents can understand how painful the feeling is.

Months passed by and I had to go to a new city for work. I used to curse myself for leaving my mom behind, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a job in the same city. Every weekend I used to visit her so she can at least be happy for 2 nights, but I found myself selfish as I chose my career over her.

She has always been my wonder woman and because she is a fighter, she told me not to quit the job as she’ll take care of herself.

After 3 months of moving to the new city, I decided to find a partner for her. Someone, who is of her age and has the same understanding level. Someone, who has also lost his partner and was looking for a friend. Someone, with whom she can talk about health & illness. Someone, with whom she can share a cup of tea and talk about life.

I created an account on her behalf in one of the popular matrimony website with a decent introduction, profile picture and entered my own contact details as I wanted to speak to every potential match before passing him to her. I spoke to different people and finally found this person who has a government job as my mother, is of almost same age, kind, intelligent and mature. I convinced my mother to meet him once and decide whether she wants to consider getting married again. To this, she behaved as expected out of a widow in India. She told me she would prefer to live alone rather than listening to taunts of society who will judge and disrespect her and even her own family will blame her for taking this decision at the age of 50.

I told her many things to convince her, but I guess this is what she understood the most –

“Every person on this earth has a right to live their life their own way without giving a damn to this society because this society won’t come and talk to you when you’ll be alone at the age of 80. Most of your family members would ignore your calls when you’ll be be sick and need help. Only a life partner would do that for you and you would do that for him because no matter how much the children try to help you, you ultimately need a soulmate to share anything and everything. You totally deserve it, mom. It wasn’t your fault if dad had to go, but it’ll be your fault now to not give another chance to yourself. Please think.”

Few days ago I got them married. His side of the family accepted my mother with open arms and appreciated her courageous step. I can’t explain how happy I was to to see that smile on her face once again. She has started looking pretty once again with all those colorful dresses and jewellery. Earlier she used to call me and tell me she is taking care of herself and I shouldn’t be worried about her, but now she calls me to tell that there is someone with whom she is really comfortable and happy because he takes care of her now.

Yes, I’m a little proud of myself 🙂

The motive behind sharing this very personal story is to request every person out there who is living away from parents to take a moment out of your busy life and see if your parents aren’t too alone. They’ll never tell you if they’re sad or sick, need your help or anything else because all they know is to take care of their children first, but it’s our responsibility too to see if they’re happy or not.

And to every person is in late years of their lives, guys, you deserve all the happiness of this world. Please don’t give more value to anything than your own life and needs. Once we are dead, nobody would remember what we did, so why not to do everything that makes us happy?


My sister got married to, and still is with, her rapist.

My sister completed her engineering, and our parents instantly started talking about her marriage. No one asked her if she is ready, wants to work before, etc. Our mother’s brother sent his alliance match for my sister. (I know it’s very uncommon in overall Hindus, but for some sick reason this is not unheard in our community.) I found it weird & gross. I asked my parents to reconsider, but they kept telling me they are very happy with the alliance. Traditions always have reasons behind them & I’m too young to understand. It means we won’t have to pay much dowry, she will stay in the family and her happiness is guaranteed. They asked my sister before saying yes, but it was only a formality to show how ‘considerate’ & ‘modern’ they are. They have never even allowed my sister to choose her education stream, college or even her own hairstyle! Even she knew saying ‘no!’ would have meant nothing!

2 months before the wedding ceremony, our whole extended family went on a religious trip. My sister’s fiance/our uncle was there too with his family. On the first day, everyone went to the temple but my sister stayed back because of ‘stomach pains’. [Periods. I was 14. I knew!] I chose to stay back with her. Mr. Fiance/uncle came to the lodge after a while because he had headache, but didn’t come to our room because mingling alone before marriage without parental approval is not considered ‘respectable’. He called for me & asked me to get him painkiller. When I came back 20 minutes later, my sister was sitting on the floor, blood on her clothes, disheveled, marks on her exposed cleavage, crying with her hands on her mouth so her sound doesn’t reach outside! I was old enough to realize that our creepy uncle was actually a bloody rapist! I didn’t know if to handle my sister or go murder him! I ran to his room with a knife but he wasn’t there. When our parents came back, my sister told everything to my mother. I don’t know what happened in the closed room, but our mother came out acting like nothing had happened! I gather from my father’s behavior that even he know by the next day, but even he did nothing! When I asked my sister, she told me what mother had said. She said this was about to happen 2 months later anyway, so how does it matter. He is her fiance it was his right! WTH! I created a scene in front of my parents to break up & report him. I yelled for hours but they said nothing because it’s the couple’s ‘personal matter’ & not a ‘respectable’ thing to talk about. They said girls have to learn to adjust, these are small things, & breaking up will only cause them harm, not to the boy because what do they have to lose?

I kept telling my sister to run away from all of this, but parents negated my words with suicide threats & fear of spoilt image in society. But what was her fault? Thanks for our parents, she had never even learnt to stand up for being able to watch the ‘vulgar’ shows like Roadies. How could she stand up to suicidal parents?


I still wonder how long did that man had his evil eye on my sister? How could God let this happen to a girl who worships him with all her heart?

Now I’m a rebellious child because I refuse to treat that man like a king when he visits our place. I keep visiting their place to keep my sister away from him, but how much can I do when she herself is too scared to raise her voice because of our parents? She is a housewife. I know the only reason he doesn’t let her work is so that she stays dependent on him. People say she’s the perfect woman because she keeps her head down, talks little, & does everything that her in laws say. They don’t know she had become a robot because of the trauma she faces every night! The more I hear how amazing her husband is, how lucky my parents are, the more I drives me crazy! I was foolish to think my parents are such wonderful people who love us unconditionally! No, they only love their image unconditionally. We are just investments. My sister to flaunt their ‘values’ to the society & I’m their retirement plan.

I can’t wait to get into college & move away from these disgusting people. And the day I get a job, I’m taking my sister away from all these monsters!


I was locked in a tiny room the whole night, and married off the next morning in a drugged state

My youth and sanity were ruined by my parents, all in the name of preserving culture and family.

My parents had moved to UK from Pakistan in their youth to build a ‘good’ life. I and my sister have been born and brought up here, with typical desi parenting. My father was a doctor, my mother a dutiful housewife, and we good students. We only visited our parent’s hometown once as teenagers and hardly know the extended family.

The world came crumbling down when my sister started dating a colleague. My parents had somehow tolerated us being friends with men without an issue, but dating was always off the table. Worse for them, the guy was a Christian, an Indian, and that too from Gujarat[Modi land]. I really liked him, he made my sister very happy, she was in love and that was all that mattered to us. But everyday our parents acted like it was the end of the world. Arguments, bringing in neighbors to manipulate her, threats to disown her. She stood her ground for 2 years and eventually they got married. It was a small ceremony with just me, their best friends, and my brother-in-law’s parents.


A week after her wedding, my parents planned an impromptu trip to meet family back home and in no time, we had boarded the plane. I too thought it must be a good change for them away from the hassle that they themselves had created. After spending a week with the extended family, we jet off to other relatives in a village near Peshawar.

At dinner, I was told that I’m being married off to my cousin sitting in the other room. My parents had already lost one dishonourable daughter to Western values and couldn’t lose another. I was expected to go with it as the elders knew what they were doing, only ensuring my happiness and health. I flew into rage, yelled, cried, begged, got violent, tried to run away, but I was locked in a tiny room the whole night, and married off the next morning in a drugged state. All my attempts for my rights were dismissed as childish rants I would soon grow out of. A week later, my parents left the city to meet the rest of the family and eventually flew back home.

For what felt like a lifetime, I was kept caged, fed like a street dog, subjected to physical & sexual abuse, only allowed to leave the room to go to the toilet, that too under my mother-in-law’s supervision. I didn’t even have access to tampons or water to bathe. I grew to understood they were doing it to ‘discipline’ me and ‘take the UK out of’ me. No one was coming to rescue me & I was on my own. My sister & friends didn’t even know where I was, I knew they must have been searching like crazy but uselessly. I hadn’t even posted an Insta story about the travel before I left because my parents kept rushing me & there was no internet for me once we landed there. I don’t know if I grew complacent to the reality of my life, if it was pretense to gain some freedom, or defense mechanism, I eventually stopped revolting.

Eventually I was given freedom to move around within the boundaries of the house. The abuse still went on. I still have scars from everytime my MIL hit me with a hot glass because I messed up the food. I think I miscarried twice, a silver lining of being malnourished and regularly sexually abused. Days felt like weeks, weeks like months, & months like years. One day some Spanish tourists had been robbed and lost in that village, needed help, & I was the only one in the vastest area who spoke English. The village elder wanted me to be the translator. Ironic, considering English values was what everyone tried to cage me away from. I don’t know how, but talking to someone after so long who wasn’t a savage brought the dead me back to life. With poker face, I narrated my whole story to them and asked for help. I gave them my sister’s number & FB id and just tell her where I am.

I even suggested they click group pictures on pretext to send to her. I even made sure not to mention ‘UK’ or ‘England’ in my words or those animals would have tortured me even more. It was a gamble worth my life, but I’d rather die than let it go. They were God sent, because despite all their problems, they did contact my sister. I am a UK citizen, so the law was on my side. They just had to track me, but even that took 2 weeks given how rad the police there was. I was eventually brought to Islamabad & those savages put in jail, at least till the time I was there. The minute I saw the British Embassy, I burst into tears like an animal right on the road, and again when I FaceTimed my sister. Their British officials were the most wonderful and supportive people who handled me life family, when my own parent left me to die.

On seeing my condition, this British woman lodged me in her own room till my flight was arranged to give me a safe environment. [My BIL couldn’t come down as he still held an Indian passport and my sister’s own life would have been endangered if she did.] I still met jackals like the man who took down my report, but suggested I tone down the details because ‘after all that’s your husband’. I reported him to the lady I was staying with and he was immediately suspended. I hope he was eventually fired. I had kept it all in for so long, I wasn’t taking this crap any longer.

My parents are now in jail. They still blame my and my sister’s ‘Western values’ because they just wanted the best for us and rather than seeing that we put them in jail. Yes, any parental love that makes them think they own their children should be punished. Thank God for UK or God knows what else would they have done to us sisters. They blame my BIL for brainwashing us, but my sister has never been as free & happy as she is with him, and he is more of a loving & supportive father figure to me more than my own father ever was.

Namaste London is not funny when it happens in real life. Everytime it airs on a desi channel, others laugh while my whole body freezes. Things don’t always fall in place like they did for Jazz and she wasn’t spoilt/misguided. I cry everytime I come across the scene where her mother lectures Rishi Kapoor about his disgusting hypocrisy about Western & desi values.

DDLJ is not romantic, because Simran is real but Raj is not.

PS :  I’m sorry but I’m not out to malign or protect the image of any country or religion, just wanted to pen down my story to assist the healing. I….don’t even know why this took a political twist. ‘Desi’ is a part of our Urdu vernacular too, may be some Indians don’t know that, & I’m sorry but we civilians usually forget Bollywood movies aren’t ours too. It wasn’t an intentionally vague answer. I still have mild, lingering PTSD so I continue to subconsciously avoid trigger words. I didn’t touch my passport or spoke in Urdu for the longest time. The prayer calls reminded me of the ones I heard every morning back then, so I avoided neighborhoods with mosques for months. I have grown over the big ones, so forgive me but with time I will grow out of the little ones too. Thank you for making me face it again today. I know I need to.

For everyone else, thank you for the strength.


“I Was Kidnapped At Age 12 & Was A Prostitute Till Age 17”

The trade of human beings for purposes of forced labour, commercial sexual exploitation and illegal organ-trade is one of the biggest issues in the world. Victims of such crimes live around and among us but are mostly invisible. We come across them almost on a daily basis and are yet not able to identify them.

While some of them finally get rescued, many others continue to live a life of misery. Some, on the other hand, choose to commit suicide as a better option. The kind of torture they go through often leads them to depression and other psychological issues which, in turn, scar them for life.

So when someone asked “What is the saddest thing about you, and why?” on Quora, an anonymous user shared her story of getting trafficked and then sold off into the gutter of prostitution.


Here’s her chilling tale:

She began by saying how she was only 12 when she was taken away from her parents and forced into prostitution soon after.

She began by saying how she was only 12 when she was taken away from her parents and forced into prostitution soon after.

“I was kidnapped at age 12 & was a prostitute till age 17.

I was kidnapped from a park near my home after my 12th birthday, the last birthday party I ever had.

I woke up once inside what felt like a truck. My eyes, hands, and feet tied, my mouth gagged. I remember bumping against the cold hard walls of a moving vehicle.

She then explained how she woke up into a smelly room with women around her.

She then explained how she woke up into a smelly room with women around her.

“Next time I regained consciousness I was in a dingy room. Some women cleaned and fed me. They covered my face with a pillow every time I screamed for help. I later realised it was because they didn’t want me to get beaten up by the master for being a nuisance.


She was then soon sold to an elderly Sheikh.

She was then soon sold to an elderly Sheikh.

“My virginity was sold to a sheikh in a big bungalow. He raped me for days or maybe weeks. I was eventually raped by all his companions when he was done with me.

I just lay there in my ‘delux’ room for an eternity. Men came and did what they wanted to. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of the anguish, sometimes because of the physical pain. Sometimes I woke up to a man already inside me.


She then explained how her hymen was ‘restructured’ so that she could be sold again.

She then explained how her hymen was 'restructured' so that she could be sold again.

“Sometimes a doctor came in to fix my hymen. I remember that because it meant I was again being sent as a ‘virgin’ to a sheikh’s bungalow.

The humanity in me only survived because of the women who came every day to feed me and help me bathe. They were sad when they looked at me. They sometimes had tears. That reassured me that whatever was happening was wrong. That I’m not an animal. That my pain is real and at least they can see it.

She then revealed how and why her ‘delux’ room was changed one day.

She then revealed how and why her 'delux' room was changed one day.

“One day I woke up in a different room. I cried for hours.. or maybe days or weeks… I had become accustomed to the comfort of my room. I was no longer around the only women whose hands’ silent brushes against my face made me feel like a living being.

In this new room and with a new master, I was trained to dress up, put on makeup, and dance. I was trained to provide a number of services that my master made me practice with him, on him. Here, the sheikhs stopped coming in. They were replaced by men in formal shirts and pants.

I was like a robot. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even have the will to stop or rebel. I was just taking orders.(sic.)”

And then one day help came in.

And then one day help came in.

“One day, a woman in a khaki saree pulled me into consciousness. She was shaking me vigorously and asking me my name. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I didn’t remember what was I called. I started crying and for the first time since my kidnapping, a woman in a cotton suit came towards me and hugged me. She told me that they were there to save me.

I was put in a van with other women and taken to a police station. I realised I was in Mumbai. Later I was told I had been kidnapped for five years and had spent the first few years in Hyderabad.

Her life after the rescue.

Her life after the rescue.

“I was placed in a rescue home. I had to talk to a psychiatrist, attend classes, and eventually appear for exams. During this time, I had to learn how to sleep away from my ‘delux’ room. That hellhole had become my life. I felt uncomfortable when I hadn’t been penetrated by a stranger for days. I learned to live my new, uncomfortable life of dignity and normalcy. I got to know I had been subjected to multiple unsafe abortions, so I’m no longer fit to bear a child. My wrist was once broken and twisted by a client. Since it hadn’t been tended to for years, it will never completely heal.

With the help of doctors, I recalled my childhood address. When the people at my NGO tried to contact my parents, they learnt my mother had died of multiple organ failure because she had stopped eating or drinking after my disappearance. My father committed suicide soon after.

My NGO found a sponsor for me in Delhi. I moved here for a computer and foreign language course and have been living here ever since.

She has a boyfriend today.

She has a boyfriend today. 

“I now work at a computer centre as a teacher. I live in a rented flat with two girls.

I have a boyfriend who loves and respects me. He knows about my past but gets uncomfortable if I ever say out the details. I still sometimes can’t sleep. I wake up thinking I’m back there. I call him in the middle of the night and he always calms me down. He makes me feel safe. He’s a proper Punjabi so he’s always making me laugh, dance, sings romantic songs, takes me to long drives, and cooks tasty meat for me. He even forces me to go to the gym with him because my years in captivity have left my body very weak. He belongs to a normal middle-class family, so he cannot tell his family and friends about my past. I understand, but I hate that I have to lie to them. (sic.)”

The boy proposed him recently…

The boy proposed him recently...

“Recently on Promise Day, he proposed to me. I didn’t say yes. I don’t deserve him. He’s too good looking, uncorrupted, educated, and decent for me. I’m too broken, polluted, and unworthy of being someone’s wife, let alone his. He says there is no pressure and he will wait for me to be ready, that we can adopt children, and that my past doesn’t matter to him. But I’m waiting for him to realise he can find a girl much better than me. I don’t want my baggage to spoil his life and dreams.

This was my deepest, saddest secret. Thank you for taking out the time to read.


Just Because She Is A Rape Victim, Does She Not Deserve A Happy Life?

Well, don’t treat her as a favour!

It is sad that there are a number of people out there who only think of a woman as a mere object of sexual gratifications. Backing up to this is the number of rape cases each day seen in the country. The aftermath of this situation brings out an absurd turn of focusing on the victim being wrong than that of the rapist. The world then bullies the person who has been affected the most.

However, that being said, there are blessings to the victims in terms of people who have shown them light when all they could think was the trauma that they have been through.


Ever wondered what really goes on in her head during the act?

Ever wondered what really goes on in her head during the act?

While being in that situation, the person’s first reaction would be to scream out for help and fight. However, this is not always the case. Studies show that while some might be rebellious but some are shocked during this situation and freeze. The studies also show that how mentally withdrawing oneself from the situation when the physical withdrawal is not possible is a defensive tactic of the victim from which she protects herself from the pain she goes through.

Shamefully, there are people who look at the freezing and withdrawing from the situation as a sign of being okay to being raped by the rapist.


When he pulls it out and zips it up.

When he pulls it out and zips it up.

It is the thinking of the victim where she finally thinks she can escape. However, there is a thought in her conscious mind whether her rapist will let her free. Once she is free, she looks for safety and runs for her home. While escaping, various thoughts would keep coming up to her mind. Earlier, where she was defensive, her mind thinks of it as a rebellion now. It falls short when she reaches home and looks at her family.

To tell or not to tell.

To tell or not to tell.

Each survivor reacts to sexual violence in her own way. Some express their emotions right away, whereas, some try to keep everything inside. It is important for a person to respect each survivor’s choices. Forcing to tell what is wrong might just further cause problems.


Rape trauma syndrome.

Rape trauma syndrome.

Rape trauma syndrome (RTS) is the psychological trauma which is seen in a rape victim which leads to disruptions in physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal behavior. Therefore, this stage is the most important stage where the victim can be made or broken. It is extremely important for people to support and be for the victim at all times.

After a few months of reconciliation…

After a few months of reconciliation...

She now feels that rape was not about sex at all, rather it was about control and doing it without consent which made her feel that way.

The fact of trusting others is then seen to be obsolete, and there is a sense of detachment from friends, family, and the society as a whole. Isolation becomes the only option to feel at peace.

Reactions to what has changed in her.

Reactions to what has changed in her. 

There are some who feel she is not ‘clean’ anymore or should be left alone without much attention. The time when she feels betrayed is when those who think she is ‘unclean’ include her parents as well.

However, those with a little sense and knowledge within them know what should happen in such situations. They would show her some patience and love that she yearns for. This is how she slowly makes friends and maybe lovers.

Will you marry a rape victim?

Will you marry a rape victim?

There is no exchange of any sort of favour here by marrying a rape victim. It is just a simple reason to why any person will marry the other. It is because they want to.

It is sad to think that we live in a society that feels strongly about marrying a rape survivor to be an atrocious thought.

Humanity displayed by Jitender Chhatar.

Humanity displayed by Jitender Chhatar.

Jitender, a resident of Jind, Haryana, married a gang rape victim while breaking all social stigmas. He not only married her but also made her enroll in law education to seek justice and help others. The survivor earlier tried to pursue Jitender to marry elsewhere. However, he was determined not to change his decision and not bother about how it may affect his social life. These instances should be just the start of a revolution that needs to come our way.

People with such thinking are required at times like now. Brutality is extremely high, and it needs to be decreased as soon as possible with the change in people’s thinking by educating and making them aware of what is important in life.



When celebrities move out of their houses and make public appearances, they are mostly well dressed and behave in the best manner but they can. But, just like all of us, they also have habits and secrets that they don’t want their fans to know.

In this post, we have listed some of the most weird habits of famous celebrities that very few of you would know. Here is the list:

1- Megan Fox.


The beautiful transformer actress has a disgusting habit of leaving her poop unflushed. She has admitted to it personally and her friends often complain of this gross.

2- Eminem

Eminem prefers to sleep in a completely dark room and makes sure the room is completely blacked out if he is staying in a hotel.

3- Demi Moore

To look youthful, Demi Moore allows leeches to suck her blood. Aaah, that must be torturous.

4- Jeetendra

The veteran actor prefers to eat papaya while pooping as it helps to clean his stomach. Now that’s what you call love for yellow.

5- Shah Rukh Khan

The king Khan of Bollywood takes off his shoe just once in a day as he prefers to be dressed up all the time. He is obsessed with his footwear.

6- Sushmita Sen

The gorgeous Indian diva prefers to bath in open and has a bath tub on her terrace.

7- Kesha

The ‘Tick-Tock’ famed Kesha used to drink her own urine to remain in shape. She even once drank her own urine on a show but was later slammed for it.

8- Pamela Anderson

The stunning Baywatch actress never looks into the mirror as she is afraid of her own reflection.

9- John Abraham

John Abraham continuously shakes his legs as he feels very rest restless.

10- Catherine Zeta Jones.

CJZ brushes her teeth with strawberries as she believes it cleans her teeth like anything.


20 Turning On Confessions That’ll Make You And Her All Wet

All of us have been in relationships, and a few of the prime reasons for any relationship to be successful are the intimate moments a couple shares. Apart from that all of us have needs, sexual needs to be precise when we talk in the context of this specific article and fulfilling them are usually important. Today we have 20 people who confess about the best sex they’d ever had at the most unexpected time and manner!

Beware, you’re going to be really turned on after you read these and would want to “do it” right away!

So, I’ve warned you, dear readers.


1. Can’t believe I f***ed my best friend.

1. Can’t believe I f***ed my best friend.

“My best friend had just been dumped by his GF, so I went over to his house to hang out & be there for him. He put on Netflix & he joked about ‘Netflix & chill’, but I laughed it off. We’re on his bed, and we start getting closer & then we start cuddling. Then I’m kissing on his neck. He pulls me closer & we start making out. I rubbed him & he rubbed me back. And I went down on him. Can’t believe I did it with my best friend.”

2. I took her home a dripping mess.

2. I took her home a dripping mess.

“I met this girl on Tinder and we instantly connected, we ended up going to a movie for our first date. I normally don’t move fast, but I slowly slid my hand up her leg under her dress and started to touch; she went down on me in my car in a nearby, semi-crowded McDonald’s parking lot. She begged me to c*m inside her. I took her home a dripping mess.”

3. He pinned me down and ate me out till I couldn’t take it anymore.

3. He pinned me down and ate me out till I couldn’t take it anymore.

“One night I and my ex got back to his house after a party. Seconds after getting into his room we began making out, kissing each other’s necks, grinding on each other, and teasing the f%ck out of each other. Then we both began ripping our clothes off, and he pinned me down and ate me out till I couldn’t take it anymore. He then picked me up, threw everything off his desk and f%cked the shit out of me. I think I broke the record for the amount of orgasms in one night. F*%k, I miss it.”

4. He tossed me on the bed, ripped off my clothes, kissed me.

4. He tossed me on the bed, ripped off my clothes, kissed me.

“So last week I got to spend the week with my LDR boyfriend, and on our last day, we were home alone watching TV and cuddling when I asked him if he wanted to make out for a little bit. We started making out while he was touching me and he grabbed me, picked me up, and carried me upstairs, tossed me on the bed, ripped off my clothes, kissed me and did it all with his hand on my throat, and I was so loud. Made his back bleed and couldn’t walk after.”

5. Every time I heard him moan & say ‘mmm’ I completely melted.

5. Every time I heard him moan & say ‘mmm’ I completely melted.

“My bf & I were supposed to go out & watch movies, but we made a quick stop at his place so he could grab his wallet. We walked into his room & next thing I knew is that he picked me up & pinned me against the wall all while still kissing me. He carried me to the bed & started pulling my pants off. His ‘let me eat you out for 10 minutes’ turned into eating me out all night long. Every time I heard him moan & say ‘mmm’ I completely melted. His head game is just OMG. Returned the fav & gave him sloppy head.”

6. She unbuttoned my pants and…

6. She unbuttoned my pants and...

“A girl in the school play with me was hitting on me, so I decided to give her what she wanted. One night we were the only two left after rehearsals. We were in the costume room and ended up passionately making out. She unbuttoned my pants and gave me the time of life. We heard someone walking around, so we went into one of the handicap washrooms and locked the door. I put her on the sink counter and ate her out. I covered her mouth while I did it on the ground because she was moaning too loud.”

7. I squirted twice, so much I was sitting in a puddle.

7. I squirted twice, so much I was sitting in a puddle.

“I went on this last-minute Tinder date with this guy. We ate, played a bunch of arcade games, sat in his truck talking for hours in the pouring rain. We talked about everything including knowing we wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. He fingered me so much that I squirted twice, so much that I was sitting in a puddle. I rode him until I came and collapsed from exhaustion. He made me keep going until I came again and again until I couldn’t speak or breathe or move. Best time I’ve ever had in my life.”

8. He made me eat it all!

8. He made me eat it all!

“My ex dumped me last June, and I was sad about it, so when we got back to school, I decided to tease the crap out of him. At a football game in the fall I wore booty shorts and a visible G-string, and when I passed by, he stopped mid-conversation with his friends and stared. He texted me to meet him in the locker room, and he grabbed my throat telling me that what I did wasn’t fair (he’s kinky), then made me shuck and eat. Needless to say, my plan was a success.”

9. I put her in the back seat and did it.

9. I put her in the back seat and did it.

“Last week I was at the gym running on the treadmill when this girl came over & ran next to me. I accidentally got a boner, and she must have seen it because I thought I heard her giggle a little. Feeling embarrassed, I ended my run early and left. When I was walking back to my car, she saw me & ran over & and started talking to me. At my car, she nailed me against it, and put her hand down my shorts, pulled it out, and gave me a good time.”

10. I heard the shower curtain open and I suddenly felt his boner between my b*tt cheeks.

10. I heard the shower curtain open and I suddenly felt his boner between my b*tt cheeks.

“I was taking a shower while my bf was in the bathroom and when I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair, I heard the shower curtain open, and I suddenly felt his boner between my butt cheeks we started scrubbing each other, and I started to stroke him. I went down on him for a good 10 min & he picked me up and started f*cking me in his arms, he felt so good & I started c*mming on him & I made him so wet.”

11 I was screaming I was in so much pleasure and my boyfriend was going crazy and his family heard EVERYTHING.

11  I was screaming I was in so much pleasure and my boyfriend was going crazy and his family heard EVERYTHING.

“So my boyfriend and I started to get a little crazy with the foreplay and he decided to tie me up. It was our first time doing anything like bondage but we decided why not. So he tied me to his bed and blindfolded me and f*%ked me really hard. I was screaming I was in so much pleasure and my boyfriend was going crazy and his family heard EVERYTHING. We didn’t know his family decided to come home. After we were done and come out of his room, his mom tells me I have cute screams…”

12. Public s*x is exhilarating as hell.

12. Public s*x is exhilarating as hell.

“My FWB and I decided to go to a rave that had tons of foam spewing into the audience. We went right under one of the foam machines where there was a little space created of no foam and he turned me around, pulled down my shorts and panties, and slid his thgin into me right there in public. I will never know if anyone actually saw us since we were right under that mountain of foam coming out of the machine, but damn. Public s*x is exhilarating as hell.”

13. Every time I moaned he did it harder.

13. Every time I moaned he did it harder.

“So me & my now bf were hanging out. Earlier that day I bought a sexy li’l lingerie dress and matching thong bc he loves lingerie. When we were alone, I took off my clothes and showed him. He bit his lip and groaned, then he just tickled me and we started making out and grinding against each other, and we ended up f%cking, it was so rough ugh it was amazing I loved hearing him moan right in my ear and he kept whispering ‘f*ck I love you’ and every time I moaned he would f*%k me harder….”

14. Before I even touched her she was dripping from how wet she was.

14. Before I even touched her she was dripping from how wet she was.

“I blindfolded my girl as we were both extremely horny and are into kinky shit. While she was blindfolded I laid her down, I took all her clothes off, teased her running my hands up and down and then lightly letting my lips touch her body while moving all over. She was so wet that before I even touched her she was dripping from how wet she was. I have never experienced that before and it was the hottest f*king thing ever, I want it to happen again.”

15. He flipped my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties aside and did it like an animal.

15. He flipped my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties aside and did it like an animal.

“I was on a date at the zoo and it started to rain so we ducked under the cover of this gazebo. No one was there so we started making out and he was slowly rubbing my cl*t under my skirt. Then the rain stopped so we started to walk around. Everyone had pretty much left because of the rain and none of the animals were out so he slammed me against the glass of the gorilla exhibit, flipped my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties aside and f*%ked me like an animal (; I still masturbate about it.”

16. He fingered me and gave me hickeys on my b00bs.

16. He fingered me and gave me hickeys on my b00bs.

“There was this one time I was wearing a pretty mini-skirt and I was lying down on the couch, my bf came over and kissed me with his hands slowly caressing my hips. As his hands went down to my inner thighs, I almost moaned but he quickly put his hand over my mouth cause his little sister was home. He fingered me and gave me hickeys on my b0obs. Later that night, we confessed and I said I loved it when guys are dominant. Next day, he spanked me so hard while pulling my hair and choking me.”

17. It was so hard to stay quiet with three other people in the room half-asleep.

17. It was so hard to stay quiet with three other people in the room half-asleep.

“One night I went over to my friend’s (who I’ve been friend’s with for a while) house with a couple of my friends to watch some movies. We were watching a horror movie and we started innocently cuddling but he keep teasing me and eventually he started fingering me but it was so hard to stay quiet with three other people in the room half-asleep, he put his hand over my mouth but when he moaned in my ear I almost lost it and blew our cover.”

18. He shoved his hand down my pants and gave me so many hickeys I melted.

18. He shoved his hand down my pants and gave me so many hickeys I melted.

“At a friend’s party I hooked up with one of my friend’s friends just in the backyard, but later we were alone again out the front of the house and we made out with me straddling him in the bricks, him on top of me on the grass, kissing my neck and everything. When I was kissing his neck he groaned ‘f*%k’ and it was hottest thing ever I swear, he shoved his hand down my pants and gave me so many hickeys I melted and he kept stopping and looking down at me and smile best hookup ever omg.”

19. I started squirting all over the couch.

19.  I started squirting all over the couch.

“One night me and this guy I was talking to at the time were downstairs watching a movie while his family was upstairs. I ended up getting really horny, so I started giving him head. He looked at me and said ‘your turn,’ then he ripped my pants off and fingered me so good, I started squirting all over the couch, my body was shaking. Then, I started to ride him and his brother walked downstairs, so I put the blanket over us but his thing was deep inside me while we were talking to him.”

20. In the space of 2.5 hours, we did it three times.

20. In the space of 2.5 hours, we did it three times.

“So my boyfriend and I had decided to spend the entire day together in bed being lazy. It was about 6:45 am when he got to mine, when I opened the door he kissed me passionately, pushing me up against a wall, which made me soo wet. We stumbled to my room and started doing, he made me c*m hard 3 times. In the space of 2.5 hours, we had f*%ked three times.”
That’s all!


15 People Confess The Most Expensive Mistakes They Have Ever Made

Each one of us has done our fair share of mistakes. While some of them are small and easy to forget, there are others whose ghosts keep on wandering in our heads. Poking us and making us feel as if nothing in our world will be well again.

You know the feels, don’t you? Well, in that case, you’d easily relate to the people who confessed about the mistakes they made and the way in which they cost them big time. Here you go!

1. This sucks on so many levels.


“Freshman year of college I thought my final exam was at 11:30. It was at 9:30. The exam was 40% of my grade, so I failed. I lost my scholarship, and had to pay to retake the class.”

2. Let’s weep together.


“Nuked a hard drive that had a bitcoin wallet with around 30 bitcoins on it, which would be worth around $120,000 today.

cries while looking at my bank account with $27.03 in it.”

3. Yeah, that’s pretty stupid of you, human.

“Grabbed the wrong briefcase from my office while I was rushing to the airport… It had a loaded Walther P99 in it. $5,000 fine from the TSA, but it was bumped down to $3,000 because I paid within 30 days. Really stupid of me to say the least.”

4. Wow. Okay. You need some brain cells.

“Had a part time job as a teenager at a Yamaha dealership that sold dirt bikes, atv’s, motorcycles. I was told one day to deliver a Raptor to some address. Well, I loaded the atv up on the trailer and took off in the truck down the road. I noticed that the truck was low on gas so I pulled over and filled her up.. I made it about 1.5 miles down the road and the truck started running funny and eventually cut off.. I had put gasoline in a diesel truck.. I was fired about 4 days later.”

5. A sports car doesn’t solve anything. It cost this guy a lot to get this.

“Bad time during life and thought buying a new sports car would solve my internal issues. It didn’t and I was stuck with a debt. It was sweet to drive and I loved the looks it got, but it did little to resolve my actual problems. I paid it off and sold it 3 years later for a net $30K loss.”

6. Moral of the story? Care for your teeth.

“Not taking better care of my teeth. Now I need thousands of dollars worth of work, and can’t afford it, so will likely end up losing them all.”

7. It’s good to focus on the road.

“I was driving down the street and a woman blew a kiss at me from a bus passing by. I leaned over to my friends to say “hey guys! did you just see that? she blew me a..” CRASH … ran into the little VW Fox in front of me and then he rammed the Audi in front of him. That sucked. I totally destroyed the VW.”

8. A loss that will be mourned for a long time.

“losing my father’s wedding ring at the beach about 5 years ago. my mum gave it to me when my father passed away which was 13 years ago.”


9. That’s pretty dumb of you!

“The week after i got my brand new laptop that I bought for $1400, I ran it over with my car… woo”

10. At least, he got his daughter. That’s all that matters.

“Married my college girlfriend. Turns out the things you look for in a woman at 19 get old as hell at 35. She was a stay at home mom who didn’t want to mother. So I bit the bullet and left with my daughter. Cost me well over $700,000 and counting, but I have my kid and she’s worth every penny.”

11. Not a smart move to make, dude.

“Not wearing a c0nd0m with an ex gf because she said the doctor said she was sterile.”

12. How does this work.

“When I was welding 1) screwed up a $65,000 door. 2) may or may not have blown a hole in a $1,000,000 + missile launching platform.”


13. Or they get back to the way they were originally.

“Not wearing my retainer after getting braces removed… Wear your retainers, people’”

14. Something that’s worth million dollars need a million dollar protection.

“My boss used to be the CEO of a company that built semiconductors, you’ve probably seen the silicon wafers they print the actual chips. Well they’re really expensive. They had the ‘million dollar club’ which was for people that managed to break something worth over one million dollars.”

15. That’s pretty sad, I guess.

“Getting a business degree instead of pursuing a degree in a field I’m passionate about. Having a business degree today feels about as useless as having no college degree at all.”


15 People Confess The Most Nonsensical Things They Saw Someone Doing

The Earth has 7.5 billion people on it, as of October 2017. So, there is literally that much number of people who differ from all shape and sizes, color and creed. It’s so hard to even imagine how the government tries its best to control and govern this gigantic number of people. We can’t even keep track of our own family with 4 or 5 members because of the differences in traits, their job is dreadful. No wonder why Obama grew so old very quickly!

And there are some folks who just adds the drama of negativity everywhere they go. I mean we already have a lot of issues to solve like: the greenhouse effect, overpopulation, nuclear weapons, terrorism, hunger, and poverty, etc. the list doesn’t end there. And there are these people who are just plain mean, rude and selfish doing things to add more trouble that is unbearable to watch. It’s like they squeeze the last straw out of my system.

Such experiences are shared by people on social media and here are their confessions. I’m telling you, your murder instinct will rise after reading these points.


1. Being selfish even on free gifts!

“Worked at a festival next to a funnel cake booth. Nice dude drops a 50 for the next 10 people in line to each get a free cake. Two people take their free cakes gratefully, but the third is a middle-aged b*tch with a sour face. She wants all of the remaining 8 funnel cakes for herself alone. The dude in the booth told her no and wouldn’t even give her one if she bought it, but for real, the fact she even tried is douchey as f**k.”

2. Did she think it was all her’s?

“In high school my best friend and I won tickets to a sneak preview of Super Bad, the theater was super packed and some promo guy came out with a cardboard box of swag, handed some stuff out and set it down and walked away. This lady from the front row grabbed the whole box and sat down with it in her lap while the whole theater booed her and she left.”


3. Yeah, what a gentleman, right?

“Saw this guy run a red light and almost hit an old man on the cross walk. He stops his car to yell at the old man for getting in his way, the old man gave him the finger. This guy gets out of his car and starts squaring up. It is 5pm on a busy road and his car is blocking two lanes. After 15 seconds of yelling at this old guy he decides it was enough and gets back to his car and peels out.”


4. Stupid people exist everywhere.

“A customer doing whatever he could to bring a poor cashier down to tears and then had the nerve to smirk because he made a cashier cry.”


5. Purple was never my favorite color.

“I have season tickets to basketball for the college I went to. There is an elderly couple that have the tickets directly in front of me. They are super nice and have had season tickets for 40 years. At one game there was an asshat in a purple shirt in front of them who stood up the entire game blocking their view (standing is only acceptable in the student section). The older guy asked him to sit and he said no. I asked him to sit and he said no. Then another season ticket holder near us started to chant “sit down purple shirt”. Soon the entire section was chanting at him so he left. Everyone cheered as he left.”


6. Eww, people are gross!

“Fill up a water bottle with their p!ss and throw the opened p!ss bottle over and into a huge crowd of people at a concert. It was very hot too. People probably believed it was water at first.”


7. Is the girl out of her mind?

“My ex-best friend cheated on her boyfriend of two years and after she told him, he forgave because he just is that good of a guy. She broke up with him anyways and then proceeded to lead him on while dating other people. One night after her new guy wasn’t answering the phone, she went and picked this ex up. While they were in the car, the new guy calls and she takes her ex back and drops him back where she picked him up. We stopped being friends because of the way she treated him.”


8. What an arrogant man!

“I was taking my lunch break outside at my old job (mall) A couple is walking up to the door, wife with a double stroller, husband looking at his phone. He opens a single door for himself, instead of hitting the giant button that would open both doors so his wife and children could easily enter the building. She asks for help, he says nothing, still looking at his phone and let�s the door slam in her face. Definitely not the absolute douchiest thing, but I still get p****d thinking about it.”


9. Woah, she is ballsy!

“This old lady was checking to see if her ballpen would work. She tried test writing on the shirt of the girl in line ahead of her”


10. Now that’s what should be done!

“During college- we had to give a short presentation of our paper to the 200+ person class. This presenter happened to be a student with a very noticeable stutter. The two girls sitting in front of me started to imitate him in a very cruel way, laughing all the while. And that too, openly enough for the student to see them. Finally someone loud whispered for them to shut the f**k up. And they did.”


11. She must’ve had a rough week.

“This lady parked right outside of a gas station, threw her trash on the ground outside of her car, then went inside and stole 2 bags of Chex Mix.”


12. This guy seems to be freakishly calm.

“News broke out that a girl from a local high school committed suicide by jumping in front of a train because she was depressed with her relationship. Dude looks at her Instagram, says she’s hot, and then says “she should’ve dated me, I wouldn’t have left her depressed ;)”


13. Good lord! Who the freaking does that?

“I saw a mother try to get her toddler run over by a city bus, presumably for that sweet, sweet settlement money. That was pretty douchy.”


14. The guy is totally showing it off.

“A guy hit on me, and within 30 seconds mentioned his salary. Thank god my friend was in the bathroom, I was bailed out quickly.”


15. That’s super rude man!

“Wife and I had a couple over for dinner. I cooked a fairly complex meal, drinks, beer, dessert. Right as they walked in they said they only had an hour because they had another dinner thing to get to after this one.”