18 Issues With The Young Girls Of The Current Generation

Every generation has its own way of doing things. And the previous generation always disagrees on these very ways adopted by their successors. We can’t really blame anyone for this. Things change with time, they are bound to. But then there are things which are being done by the millennials which are beyond our understanding. There are issues with the young girls and guys which are illogical to the very core. Millennials are more of a technology generated group of people and they love posting everything on the social media sites.

1. Well, one of those issues which badly needs to be solved.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation


2. How come these young girls even get in a relationship?

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

3. Dear millennial generation- here is a burn for you.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

4. What’re the issues with these young girls these days?18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

5. And then there is the duck face. Why?


18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

6. Aww is probably the first sign of being friend-zoned.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

7. To be very honest, no comments.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

8. Change indeed is necessary but not of this kind.18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

9. This generation, young girls, and selfies, the trilogy we don’t want.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

10. These kinds of issues and scams shouldn’t even be happening. 18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

11. Yeah, right. I remember when I was 13, my biggest concern was Pokemon.


18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

12. Be it young girls or old ones, this is one mystery no one can solve.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

13. I am going to use this one line someday soon.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

14. One of those issues which do not change no matter what the generation is.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

15. This is going to haunt me for days, I swear.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

16. Ouch! This is going to hurt bad, very bad.

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

17. I wonder how the 6th graders will look 10 years down the line!

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation

18. It’s fashion, no one should say anything, not even while trolling. Kidding!

18 Issues With The Young Girls Of This Generation



What do the shape of your hands reveal about your personality?

The art of palmistry is one of the oldest means of determining one’s future and the kind of person one is supposed to be. Palmistry uses the shape of one’s hands as the primary means of understanding the most dominant traits of the person. While the individuals may have different personalities, there are 5 general categories which define most of us.

The Chinese method of Palmistry, therefore, starts by defining the shape of the hands and matching it with the 5 elements of Earth. Water, fire, earth, wood, and metal are the 5 broad categories into which Chinese palmists defined the basic values of people and used the shape to predict their future. Here, we have the 5 type of hands and we describe what primary traits they describe. Pick yours.



#1 Earth Hand
People of Earth hands have thick palms and thick fingers. The base of their thumbs is also thick and fleshy. They have large or thick wrists to support their palms and their skin could be coarser than others.

People of Earth hands are, by their very nature, humble, modest, and down to earth. They are deeply attached to their roots and no matter how high they go in life, they never forget where they came from. They are extremely hard-working, polite, and warm people who like going along with others. They are jovial, fun-loving, and sweet to meet.

People of Earth hands are also known to fall quite easily in love. They are the kind of people who think from their hearts and may be highly sentimental. They are the ones who love unconditionally and usually go out of their way to be of service to others. If humility defines the kind of people they are then selflessness defines the way they act.

#2 Fire Hand
People with fire hands have palms which are long and their fingers, too, add to the length of their hands. The nails can be pointed but their knuckles are not that well-defined.

People with fire hands are highly driven, ambitious, and quick thinkers. They are always alert to their surroundings are their minds are constantly working. They are usually very energetic and their energy levels can be infectious. Further, they are also very clear about what they want and what they don’t want in their lives which makes them really clear in their thoughts.

They are quick to make decisions since they are highly self-aware but that does not mean that they are hasty. Their decisions are usually well thought-out and spot-on. This also means that they fall in love selectively and have very limited people in their lives as they do not like wasting time and energy on those they do not care about.


#3 Water Hand
People with water hands have palms which are smooth but the fingers could be stubby. The nails are usually long and the knuckles not well-defined. The fingertips of people with water hands are round in shape.

People of water hands are highly talented individuals and are extremely good at adapting to different situations like water taking to its container. They are highly observant and can be diplomatic when required. They are discreet, cautious, and also highly secretive which means that they are also good at keeping secrets.

People of water hands are industrious and thought-oriented which means that they are usually non-judgmental and highly accepting of others. They are the kind of people who would accept imperfections (theirs as well as that of others) without complaints. They cherish the relationships they have in life and may go to extreme lengths to protect what’s theirs. But when it comes to love, they are protective but never possessive, which is a rare quality to have.


#4 Wood Hand
Wood hands are long, slightly skinny and have the bone structure revealing. The knuckles are usually well-defined and the thin bones may appear oblong. The features are extremely sharp and distinctly visible.

People of wood hands are usually the creative sorts. Their minds are hard-wired to observe the minute details and they are meant to create things which are aesthetically pleasing. Being highly creative, they tend to live in a world of their own and like keeping to themselves. This also means that they do not fall in love easily but if they do, they get extremely attached.

Wood hand people are also highly emotional by nature. Since they tend to be creative, their emotions play a very important role in bringing out their creativity. They may also get stubborn and temperamental about their creations but are usually kind, warm, and somewhat introverted by nature. They do not let a lot of people in their lives but the ones that they do let in are extremely special to them.

#5 Metal Hand
Metal hands usually have square-shaped nails, palms, and fingers. The palms are soft, fleshy, and elastic. They can distinctly be identified by the thick base of the palms and uniform rectangular-shaped elongation towards the nails.

People of metal hands are highly skilled in leadership, are entrepreneurial and highly logical in their approach. They like to reason and then come to a conclusion. They lead by example and they have a high degree of fairness ingrained in their personalities. They are usually the ones who do not let their personal bias come in the way of their decisions and they usually remain calm under pressure.

People of metal hands usually fall in love based on the qualities of their partner and are not affected by the superficial things in life. They know what they are made of, what they like and dislike, and hence they have a high degree of self-awareness. These are the kind of people who can manage multiple things at the same time and can lead by pulling others along rather than by stepping on them.



Indians given porn sites a large share of their traffic but still talking about it is a taboo in India. This is one of the many taboos that India still finds itself caught in despite an idea of new Indian being presented by our politicians.

I wonder if these taboos around porn, sex, homosexuality etc will ever meet an end in India or not. So, since porn is a taboo in India we have different names for porn movies in India. While some call it ‘Blue Films’ so call I adult or X Rated videos. Why is it so?


Why would a porn movie be called a blue film as is the case in India? The exact reason why someone would call a porn movie a blue film isn’t really known. But there are three stories very close to solving the puzzle. These 3 favourable theories are as followed

1. Blue tint

In the early days of the movie industry, the films were very low budget. Cheap methods were used to make non coloured films. These films had a certain blue tint on them and hence they maybe the name ‘Blue Films.’

Now this looks like the most reasonable and close explanation of porn being called Blue Films.

2. Colour of the polythene of VCR

In earlier day it was the VCR that was trending. The VCR shops gave VCRs in simple polythene. But for VCRs containing porn or erotica, Blue polythene were used to differentiate.

3. Blue laws

Blue laws existed 50-60 years ago. These laws abolished anything that contradicted with the traditions of the society. So, there’s a possibility that Blue Films might have got their name from blue movies.

Let us know which theory did you find the most relatable. So, now maybe you know why porn movies in India are called the blue films. We really hope these redundant taboos settle on fine day.


Dear future husband, please don’t judge me for these 7 things

Please don’t judge me for my choices…

Did you ever wonder why some people find the perfect husband and a few others end up with the wrong person? Being a modern girl, I have a certain set of expectations from my would-be husband that will eventually help us strengthen our relationship in long term. Because, everyone wants to find their ‘happily ever after’, right? So, dear future husband, before judging me for the choice I make in life, here is what you need to read


​My past relationships

I have had my own share of relationships but I don’t regret having them. Thanks to my past experiences, I now have a clear perspective of what I want in a relationship, and the qualities I seek in a partner. That experience will actually help me to make the right choice and choose you as my life partner. Plus, I am curious to know about yours!



If a few drops of blood decide my character, you better stay away from me.


​My me-time

I love my ‘me-time’. I seek to left alone for a few hours, it does not mean I don’t love you anymore or have bored of our relationship. I might use this time to write a journal, concentrate on my hobbies, meditate or simply sit idle. I am just trying to reconnect with myself, that’s it!


​My parents

I understand that I have certain responsibilities towards your family after getting married, but please don’t forget I have, and will always have my own family as well. Don’t take me as an irresponsible wife if I want to spend some time with my parents, or help them whenever required. And if I am accepting your parents as my new family, you need to do the same as well.


​My independence

Dear future husband, you are going to marry a modern independent woman. She is professionally successful, financially independent, loves to travel (sometimes solo), and can even fix a punctured tyre all by herself. Rather than feeling little ‘less manly’ about my independence, take pride in marrying a girl who will not bother you to help her for every little thing. In fact, she might help you when you need her to.


​My income

I am willing to contribute towards our new home and ease your financial burden. But please don’t mind if I spend some part of my earnings on my family and friends (including make-up as well!). I am not a spendthrift but don’t assume my salary is meant just for you and your family.


​Let’s talk about household chores

I really hope you won’t mind doing the dishes if I turn up late from office, or cook breakfast for us the day I am unwell. We both have been brought up the same way, and I hope you understand the concept of equal work and equal opportunities.

So, do we have a deal?


13 Reasons Why Most Men Won’t Handle A Strong Independent Woman

A strong independent woman can either be a strong man’s best dream or a weak one’s worst nightmare. It completely depends on how you unleash her.

As tempting as it sounds to be with a strong woman, it might not be as easy to handle them firstly because most men confuse ‘handling’ a strong woman with ‘controlling’ them.

Only a wise man can treat a strong woman like a queen and still keep her head in place. To specify more, here are the 13 reasons why men won’t handle a strong independent woman:


1. You can’t boss her around

She might allow you to order the dish of your choice but never mistake it as an allowance to boss around her. She makes her own decisions. It is the most vital part of her personality. She is smart and sure enough in herself to do her own thing and make her own decisions, and if you ever try to boss her around, it won’t end well.

2. She will always call you out when you are wrong

Don’t expect sugar-coated words and ignorance from a strong woman. If she has made you a part of her life, she will call you out on your flaws and if you are worthy enough, she might also help you correct them. She always keeps it real.

3. Her time is precious

She doesn’t wait. She respects herself enough to respect her time. Second chances and apologies aren’t her cups of tea. She will not wait for you to man up and correct your actions. So, assure yourself that when she decides on walking out on you, it is over. So try not to waste her time.

4. Consistency is the key

She doesn’t want a lot from you. However, she does expect a little but constantly. A strong woman cannot tolerate a boy who behaves according to his moods.

5. Her eyes are always set on her goal

She might make you a part of her life, but it is definite that her world won’t revolve around you. She has set her goals and ambitions really high and she shall achieve it. She places her mind over her feelings. She is very much driven towards her ambitions so don’t try to stop her or stand in her way.

6. No reassurances needed

Be sure that she has you because she wants you. Not because she needs you. So act like it. She does appreciate your compliments but she is fine even without them. She isn’t insecure about herself because she knows her worth.

7. She is her own army

She fights her own battles and pats her own self. Yes. That is how independent that woman is. She has the soul of a warrior. Don’t misunderstand her soft exterior. She doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, and trust that she is very good at doing that herself.

8. Life is no game

She doesn’t have the time and energy to play petty games. That’s what teenagers do, and you are both adults. It’s either black or white. You can keep the grey lines to yourself because she surely isn’t here to accept them.

9. Her love is unconditional

A strong woman’s love is equally as powerful as her soul. You won’t need anyone if you have her by your side. She will stick through thick and thin. She will love you on your bad days just as much she does on your good days.

10. Her passion speaks for her

She has the fire in her eyes and a remarkable depth in her soul when she speaks about something she is passionate about. And you can feel it when you’re around her.

11. Lying to her is dumb

She can see right through you so don’t even try lying to her. If you’re caught once, she will question everything you ever said. And there is no way you can regain her trust. She doesn’t often give first chances to people. Let alone second.

12. Straight mind

She makes her own rules. She knows what she stands for and what she doesn’t accept.

13. She is crazy too

Don’t think strong can’t be crazy. She has her crazy side and it will only be unleashed when you’ve reached that level in her life.


10 Fascinating Facts About Draupadi We Bet You Didn’t Know

Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics of Hindu mythology about which every kid has heard bed time stories (well almost). We claim to know a lot about it. However, many things in this scripture are still a mystery for many. Actually, the epic is full of interesting facts that are not possible to be stated otherwise or shown in detail on our television screens.

Draupadi from Mahabharata was an epic character that needs no introduction. A mysterious yet fierce wife. Someone who never believed in weeping and mewling about tough times rather faced them with utmost conviction. She was a darling Princess of one of the most prominent kingdoms. But was believed not to have been conceived like a normal human child, she was born from fire.

There are numerous other facts like this that will amaze you, and we have listed them down for you.


Take a look!

Her beliefs.

Her beliefs. 

Rare in the culture of ancient times, Draupadi never believed in remaining silent and asked for justice when she was abused. She even condemned great warriors such as Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya and her husbands for not saving her from the humiliation during the Cheer-Haran.



She didn’t have a childhood.

She didn't have a childhood. 

Often called as Yajnaseni, Draupadi was not a normal child. She was not born from her mother’s womb. Instead, she was born from the fire as an adult, with no appreciation of childhood or parenting.

Incarnation of Kali.

Incarnation of Kali.

There is a common belief in South India that Draupadi was an incarnation of Maha Kali, who was born to assist Lord Krishna to destroy the arrogant Kauravas.



She cursed dogs.

She cursed dogs.

According to the agreement that Pandavas had with Draupadi, only one brother was allowed to enter her chamber at a time and was suppose to keep his shoes outside as a mark of indication but one fine day, a dog took away Yudhishthira’s shoe, furious Draupadi cursed dogs by saying: “All the world will see you copulate in public, stripped of all shame.”

Draupadi’s Vessel.

Draupadi's Vessel.

Across India, the term ‘Draupadi’s Vessel’ means a kitchen that has overflowing stock of everything. Such a kitchen is a mark of a good home maker and Draupadi was surely one.



She was blessed to be a virgin.

She was blessed to be a virgin.

Before Draupadi moved from one husband to another, she walked through fire to regain her virginity and purity.


She never trusted her husbands.

She never trusted her husbands.

Draupadi screamed in the courtroom but none of her husbands had the courage to avenge her insult. She had her own reasons to have trust issues with her husbands. They hesitate to kill Kichaka for fear of making their secret identities public when he abuses her in the final year of their exile. Seriously?


Hidimba’s revenge.

Hidimba's revenge.

Bhim’s wife Hidimba was a witch. Draupadi had cursed her son Ghatotkacha and Hidimba couldn’t control herself and in return she cursed Draupadi. This fight ended the Pandava lineage.


Her unique clause.

Her unique clause.

When Draupadi agreed to be a common wife of Pandavas she had one condition. She said that she wouldn’t share her household with any other woman.


Lord Krishna was her only friend.

Lord Krishna was her only friend.

Draupadi always considered Lord Krishna as her sakha (friend). Lord Krishna was the only true friend who came to her rescue when she found herself in dire circumstances.


I hope these facts were a source of information for everyone.

Don’t forget to share this story with your friends.


12 Reasons why younger women like dating older men

As much as it is a taboo, it is no secret that women prefer dating older men over their younger counterparts. Here is a list of 12 reasons why.

Older men have always been and will always be fascinating to women. That’s a fact there’s no running away from, boys. Of course, we generalize here, and it is possible to find idiots in the older age group too. Likewise, it is also possible to find wise old souls trapped in younger bodies.

You think you do everything right when it comes to wooing women – you manage to look presentable, you crack witty one-liners (stolen from Oscar Wilde’s quotes), you text just the right amount, and make the right noises when she speaks. But somehow every girl you like ends up picking your senior instead of you. Pay heed and you might be able to grasp where the problem lies.


Here are 12 reasons why women go for older men.

1. They Don’t Play Mind GamesNow, this is not to say they are boring. They can be witty and interesting as hell. Just that their idea of fun does not include sitting in front of their phone and not picking up their woman’s calls.

2. They Have Old-World Charm

Not many women fancy the idea of hearing a “Heyyy whaddupp babesss” on their first date. Whether it is pulling chairs, getting flowers, or simply giving a peck on the cheek instead of shoving your tongue down her throat, nothing melts a woman’s heart more than keeping things old school.

3. They know what they are doing in bed

Older men believe in ladies first – and often work towards that.The goal isn’t to get one orgasm out of her and then have sex. Oh no. While they’re getting her hot and bothered during foreplay, they’re working hard for her orgasms — plural. They see it as a source of pride when they can cause big, badass orgasms that leave you shaking and weak. It’s always a good night when she loses count of her orgasms. Just sayin’.

4. They are smarter and wiser

With all those years in their system, they have to got to be smarter than their younger counterparts busy guzzling pint after pint of beer. Let’s face it, boys, older men are wiser and more mature. People are silly when they are young. And women don’t like waiting for the boys to grow up.

5. They don’t try to change a woman

While everyone likes a stylish and pretty woman, older men don’t beat themselves too much over a girl’s nail polish or that single strand of white hair. They are more concerned with what lies inside, and are more accepting of a woman’s imperfections. Unlike younger boys, they don’t attempt to change the woman they fall in love with. They are not judgmental, period.

6.They take charge

Older men often hold an image of authority in a woman’s mind. Whether it’s deciding which place to eat in, or booking that holiday package, they know when to take charge, and do it without being overbearing. Now it is a truth universally acknowledged that women tend to date daddy figures. Somebody who reminds them of their fathers, and assures them (if only subconsciously) of a protected and safe environment. The unsaid promise that they will be there in times of trouble is enough to make a woman’s heart melt for them.

7. They aren’t broke


The older men are well established in their careers; they are financially more stable, and the promise of a calmer life is something no woman can say no to. It might come across as shallow, but women looking to settle down often tend to go for the nice guy with a stable job and a house.

8. They aren’t only about trophies

Older men are more secure in their skin. They have been there, done that. They have picked up girls in bars; they have made out with their girlfriends secretly in cars. The world is no longer their oyster. They don’t need to brag to their guy friends about the chicks they have bedded. They just want to spend a calm evening with their woman. And nothing is more comforting for a woman than a guy who has eyes only for her.

9. They are much more honest

Whether it’s casual dating or a serious relationship, they know what they want from a woman and express it without beating around the bush, and they can do so without sounding blunt either. Women appreciate honesty any day.

10. They have sophisticated taste


When it comes to the finer things in life like wine, food, beer, traveling and clothes, older men tend to choose the more sophisticated ones. First, they can afford it and second they just know that it is better quality. They also know, however, that when it comes to food and drinks quality does not always come with a price.

11. They are good in the kitchen


Women find it very sexy when a man knows how to cook and not just a simple dish like boiled potatoes and fried eggs. Real food. Dishes like beef bourguignon and potato au gratin and stuff like that. Older men can cook and fend for themselves. Younger guys are either all over the place or always rely on their mothers to cook for them and take care of all their needs.

12. They are generally very respectful

They may have already loved and lost, been through a divorce or even have children from a previous relationship meaning they are more respectful and understanding of ex’s. He will be open to any contact made with them as he would expect her to do the same. They are just generally very open to people.


10+Things That Happen Only In Porn Movies, Not Real Life

It is interesting to note that nowadays youngsters are more wary about approaching the topic of s3x and even schools shying away from it. It is thus not surprising that a lot of times youngsters turn to the Internet to know more about the taboo topic.

Youngsters many times gets confused between what is real and reel right? Somewhere we all imagine that our stories resemble with Brontes’ novels and our s3x-life be as dramatic as porn, but we have to know that fancy is one thing, reality another. It is a time we accept that the whips and lashes are painful and the Oscar-worthy moans are vaginal farts in real life.


Here is the list of most unrealistic expectations that pornography is setting for our not-so-cinematic bedrooms.

1.It’s never less than 30 minutes

Porn simply overlooks the concept of – quickies. They happen and are a very resourceful way to utilize your time and yet stay satisfied.

2. Everyone is thinking about s3x all the time

Porn creates the illusion that everyone you meet is just waiting for an offer for s3x. This at best can cause misunderstandings between two people, and at worst can lead to coercive and dangerous exploits.

3. Anyone can arose orgasm anytime

It is okay to not have one. There are days when your vagina is more moody than you and simply refuses to get provoked. The more important part is to enjoy s3x even without one.

4. Women will orgasm from no stimulation

Women need the continuous stimulation of their hot spots in order to climax. The average woman takes 20 minutes to orgasm, more than double the time it takes for their male counterparts.Porn films tend to show women going to climax within a couple of minutes. That is not just unrealistic but confusing to the viewer as well.

5. You are shaved down there every single time

Your vagina is as smooth as butter without a single strand of hair. Well, this is only possible if you have a waxing specialist there on standby all the time.

6. Everyone loves an*l

The rear isn’t self-lubricating and nor does it engorge during arousal like the vagina. Women in porn have been thoroughly prepared before they shoot their scenes.

7. Submissive Women, Dominating Men

Pornography is generally produced for a male audience and tends to depict women in a submissive, or at least very s3xually permissive, way. This is not the reality of most s3xual partnerships.

8. No condoms, ever

Who needs condoms when the guy is hot and well-endowed, right? Wrong. You must put one on every darn time except when you are planning a pregnancy.

9. Big Breasts, Bigger Penises

You already know that men’s p3nises and women’s breasts tend to be bigger in porn. For women, these large, perky breasts accompany thin bodies, which is a relatively uncommon combo in the general populous. Vaginas shown in porn are also of a very restricted aesthetic.

10. External ejaculation is a must

Porn nearly always shows men climaxing and ‘shooting their load’ all over their partner’s face, bum, chest or any other place they can easily reach.However, in real life it’s pretty unlikely someone is going to be OK with, let alone beg for you to, ejaculate on to their face. If they haven’t expressly asked for it to happen don’t assume it’s OK.

11.Intricate the positions guarantee the better s3x

Porn tends to depict fantastic s3x as an act between two people that involves the most taxing positions, changed as often as you take a breath. In reality all this does is halt stimulation, meaning that when you reset you’re starting all over again.

12. They’re real people

Actors and actresses in porn films are just that, performers. Porn is a form of entertainment and, as such, should be viewed lightly and definitely not as an instructional guide


16 Things You Face As An Adult If You’ve Been A Victim Of Childhood Abuse

When growing up, the raising that we have received is much connected to us when we grow as an adult. And I, being a victim of childhood emotional abuse, along with all of those people like me know that we have certain behaviors that separate us from the rest.

Like other children, I’ve never had a happy-go-lucky childhood. When some kids were busy visiting their grandparents in their summer vacations, I used to sit in one corner of the house and cry like a baby. When my fellow classmates used to go to the shops for buying those toys, I was busy taking care of my little sister, she was the only toy I had at that time.

You may not believe but when other children of my age were busy playing in the garden, I was being forced into something else although what happened to me and many other kids have definitely changed their way of living as an adult. And to all those people out there, I wanna say just one thing, by a sheer understanding of where the other person is coming from or having a better understanding can make a lot of difference.


If you or someone you know have been a victim of abuse, you should read further.

#1 Asking questions even when…

You know all the answers, you get this habit of asking so many questions. If you’ve been criticized, you may have a habit of doubting yourself even when you know you are right. And this is the reason you find yourself asking a million questions.

#2 Repeatedly saying sorry!

You have a habit of constantly saying sorry even when you know that it’s not your mistake. The victims of child abuse think that they can’t-do anything right. So they apologize very frequently.

#3 Self-doubt

#4 Being extremely sensitive

People who have faced child abuse have had bad days back then. And by the days they reach their adulthood, they become sensitive to their own feelings as well as other’s feeling.

#5 Doubting others

You generally don’t have the habit of easily trusting others as soon as others do on you. There is always this element of doubt on others in your mind.

#6 Extra conscious

You are conscious every now and then as you always fear that something bad might happen.

#7 Sensitivity to noise

Victims of abuse may be sensitive to loud noises if they’ve been raised in fear. This generally happens because they have been yelled at in their childhood and they associate loud noise with abuse.

#8 Introvert by nature

Many abuse victims fear in contacting people and to have a conversation with them about their personal life. They keep a safe distance with people as much as possible.

#9 Attachment issues

These people face attachment issues and fear others leaving them or abandoning them. They either don’t get attached to anyone and once they do, emotional attachment becomes difficult for them.

#10 Issues in getting close to someone

Some people, who have faced abuse have issues in getting close to someone early. They not especially like people. Due to this, getting attached to someone is not that easy for them.

#11 Can’t take other’s compliment

When someone tells you how wonderful you are, you may doubt their words because you generally don’t see yourself as that good.

#12 Self-harming behavior

Many abused children when they come to their adulthood harm themselves. They feel as if they deserve this.

#13 Mood swings are common

A person who has been abused in childhood get a gush of emotions in a moment. This could be due to the fact that they have been through a number of mixed emotions and hardships.

#14 Phobia of commitment

Committing to people gets hard when you have been hurt so many times. They don’t trust easily someone to settle with them.

#15 Prone to addiction

According to scientists, the victims of abuse often cope with through addictions. These can include drugs, alcohol etc.

#16 And after all this…

The people who have been under abuse in their childhood still stay humble with others. Because no one other than these people understand the pain of being treated badly.

That’s all folks!

For all those survivors of child abuse, I would say just one thing. You are stronger, grateful and a fighter. Stay calm and keep moving.



7 Kamasutra S3X positions you must know

According to the Kamasutra, there are 64 types of sexual acts one can try during lovemaking. They vary, of course, from being complex muscle movements to soft, sexy postures. Have you ever wanted to try all of them, and wondered, at the same time, if there is one meant specially for you?

Technically speaking, sex is a weird peculiar thing: we have two people sitting in positions that seem to defy the gravitational laws, puffing and moving rapidly while they are exchanging fluids. Sex can, in fact, become fatiguing and unpleasant as it equally is satisfying and beneficial.

The more creative you are and the more you try to create a pleasant atmosphere in bed, the better you will feel, because you will be able to communicate positive feelings to your partner. If you count among those who have sex for pleasure and if everything happens naturally and thanks to your body anatomy, good for you! But if you or her have certain weight issues and you cannot really afford to try any wild stuff in bed, here are some of your options for different types of silhouettes…


Doggy style

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If you are both confronting some unwanted kilos, you can try the following: she lays on her back and easily bends her knees, and you stand between her legs and raise them during penetration. Another suitable position for you is the doggy style, which in general is a pleasant one for both partners.
7 Kamasutra sex positions you must know

Butterfly position

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If you have an optimal weight, and your partner is very voluptuous, she will stand on a side, while you raise her leg to the chest level or as much as her flexibility allows her to. Then gently slide towards her and hold her leg while penetrating her. Also, you can stand in front of your partner, whose legs dangle over the edge of a bed or some other platform like a table; with your partner’s legs lifted towards the ceiling and resting against you, this is sometimes called the “butterfly position”. It can also be done as a kneeling position.

Reversed Cowgirl position

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If she has the optimal weight, and you are overweight, sit on your back, while she stands above you with her face oriented towards your legs. Bend your knees, while she moves standing on your knees. This position is called the “reversed cowgirl”.


Spoon position

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If you are very different in terms of height, the “spoon position” is the ideal one for you. You both have to sit on a side, with you being behind her. You will enjoy some rather cool moves as this position is extremely intimate, pleasant and suitable to any body type.


Janakurpara position


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If you and your partner have fit bodies, then Janukurpara position is just for you. It requires both of you to have strong abs, and you might end up burning a lot of calories. Start with lifting her up and locking your elbows under her knees to get a better grip. Hold her butt with your hands and let her hold you from your neck.
This position offers extra deep penetration, and ergo- lots of pleasure. Plus, it leads to a lot of eye contact that adds to the experience. Janakurpara position is the reward for all the challenging exercise you have done in the gym to get the fit body.


Tripadam position

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This sex position works best when both the partners are of same height, but it’s also a great try when you are in a mood of a quickie, Tripadam position can prove to be amazing for you- it’s short, fast and you don’t need a bed for it.
In this position, you both stand facing each other. You lift one of her knees and place your hand under it. This position is referred as Tripadam or tripod, and does not allow deep penetration.
Like all the other standing positions, this position also promotes maximum blood flow to your erogenous zones, and makes sure you have a good time.


Piditaka position

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Piditaka is comfortable, laid-back position and can be done by anyone, at any time of the day! Let her bend her knees and place on your chest. Meanwhile, place your knees on the either side of her buttocks, and lift her thighs a little bit, and enter her. This sex position guarantees pleasure as the vagina is narrowed when the legs are up. Plus, you can convey humility, affection and tenderness by letting her legs touch your mouth and feet. Nevertheless, the most important thing you and your partner should keep in mind is that there are no strict rules in bed; you should give yourself to your partner and receive her affection as you please, letting your imagination run wild. There is no similar feeling to that of giving and equally receiving pleasure from the person you love.