14 Indian Names Which Will Make You Laugh Really Hard

Our name speaks volumes about our identity, in many cases it is the first contact we have with the outer world. Our names convey our personality but in India, we guess this cannot work. Indians are really way too dramatic and emotional when it comes to taking care of their kids and this can be seen here in a few examples where people have really weird names given to them by none other than their dear loving family. After Tinky, Inky, Ladoo, now we have a new and dirty collection of names. So let’s get started.

  1. Even though it’s a surname, I can feel the level of awkwardness when he must be addressed as ‘Mr. Boob’.

2. So France and Germany unite here


3. What’s wrong with the world!

4. Please Karwa Lo

5. That moment when ‘Tera toh naam lena bhi gaali jaisa hai‘ turns out to be true

6.Well, now that’s one heck of a cultural diversity

7. And I love this kind of a Mirchi

8. Oh really? Too much of it is bad btw

9. Ab ki baar?

Image result for dr modi sarkar


10. When even your parents know who you truly are

11. *Face Palm*

12. No matter how hard you study, the world will always know that you are this!

13. After all that, Pyare? Seriously?

14. Anal too comes with a surname nowWTF Indian Names You Won't Believe Exist



14 Photos that show how perverted your mind is

14 Photos that show how perverted your mind is
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14 Photos that show how perverted your mind is
At this point in time, just about everyone has a camera on them always. Thanks to cameras in cell phones, our cameras now fit easily in our pockets let as capture even unplanned memories.

We take photos to capture memories that we can later transport ourselves back to by looking at the photos. However, sometimes we can capture more than we bargained for.


Illusions are part of how the human brain and senses and you won’t believe the tricks they can play on you.

Tomato Butt

These days people’s preferences in woman’s appearances has become focussed on a woman’s rear. We’ve moved from an idolization of the skinny stick figure model to one on the curvy woman but that ridiculously skinny stomach has stay. This is just a fruit boys, calm.

A Little Firm, Don’t You Think?

Wow now that is what you call big breasts on a small figure. Ha, Got Ya. Those are just her knees. This is a very strange pose, however, if think she may be intentionally trying to trick you. Those boobs would feel real strange in your hands though.

Read the Signs

Woah there Bucko, just slow done. That sign is not the especially naughty, possibly, all male three-some you think it is. Have another look. Go on look real closely. Do you see it now? Well yeah, me neither. Looks like really bad sign design to me.

Umm… I Wonder Why This Looks Inappropriate

Well, today’s flavour just got a little spicier. The Lemon Ice has a really kinky undercurrent to it. I’m interested to know what people ordering their lemon ice expect to get. Are they going to be happy or disappointed when the cream is missing?


This is absolutely perfect. The pretzel dog in positioned exactly perfectly. And this innocent man is completely unaware of his newly exposed pretzel dong. Remember what I said everyone always has a camera with them, this is why it’s great.

Very Convincing

Are you sure that this just looks inappropriate? It looks really, really realistic. As far as I’m concerned this is either a top-grade photo shop or that ref did just take a real big smell of that wrestler’s butt. If he wasn’t on his knees I’d believe it just looked that way.

Melon Toss

You couldn’t try to get a photo timed this well. Apparently watermelon tossing seems to be a national past time in South East Asia. I must say that watermelon ta-ta does look good and definitely brings a wide smile to the face.

Ah Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and sausages are the most incriminating food of all foods. We all know from high school and college that If you take the risk of eating a sausage you’re going to get those over used jokes questioning your sexuality.

Ham Fisted

Smoked ham is also defiantly on the list of inappropriate foods, and I can see what whoever took this phot

o was trying to do. But this is most definitely not the most inappropriate photo of ham that has ever been taken.

Lost in Translation

Being in a country where the language isn’t your mother tongue is always at least a little hard and challenging. Broken English is enough to get by in most day to day interactions, but running a business is a little more challenging.

That Was a Heavy-Set Chicken

Well that cut of chicken is definitely not thigh, it’s not breast, and it’s not leg either. I hear chicken dong is a specialty in certain parts of the world. In saying that I’ve never imagined I would see one that big.

Safe Manual Handling

Manual handling is a type of work that comes with innate dangers. If you do your lifting incorrectly, you’re just damaging your body and you only get one of those. This however is a new technique. Ass with care? Well placed by the sticker man.

Not My Childhood!

If you wish to spare your childhood, I’m sorry you should have averted your eyes for this one. It’s not just Minnie’s phallic shaped body that’s unfortunate here, Mickey’s hand placement is doing no favours. At least the gender confusion could maybe help equality…

Away from the Gutters

Come on guys you know it’s an illusion. No, they don’t make skirts with butt sized holes cut in them for you to peak through. And no, she didn’t forget to wear both underwear and pants to the bar. Maybe you really do have a dirty mind.

Ah Rock n’ Roll

This isn’t how it looks either, I swear. Although I must concede the evidence does lean slightly in your favour. Yes, there is a severe lack of clothes in this picture. And yes, rock n’ roll was a crazy era. But really this is just an illusion. Maybe it leans a little more than just slightly.


11 Hilarious Pictures Of Indian Couples Engaging In Public Display Of Affection

If you have ever been to Indraprashta Park, Delhi or Elliot Park, Kolkata, you must have witnessed scores of couples spending some intimate time with each other. Unperturbed by people, these couples don’t shy from showing affection and in many cases, they even forget they are in open.


The huge shortage of rooms for these couples have made these public parks a romancing hub for them. They are the epitome of adjustment and crusaders of allowing public display of affection. They are madly in love and doesn’t care about vigilantes and police.


They believe in public harmony and only make love in their defined territories. You can witness ten’s of couples sitting in limited space but nobody interferes with anyone. The only thing they want, a dense shade and if possible, a bench.

This post is dedicated to such beloved lovers, who are madly in love and doesn’t care about society. They truly define westernization of Indian culture and openly engage in public display of affection.

The team of Funniest Indian brings for you 11 pictures of Indian couples who took parks for their loving abode and defied all those who call for an end on public display of affection.

1- Indian couples don’t care about a room. F**k the world!

2- They believe in adjustment and mutual understanding.

3- Har per pe alag pyaar karne vale ka naam.

4 They don’t care if somebody is looking at them.

5- They are the masters of jugaad.

6- If they get a bench, nothing beats that.

7- And again.

8- Love is in the air.

9- So much of love and understanding and still people say Indians are shy.

10- Kisi ki nazar na lag jaye.

11- They love under their own territories.

Kindly comment and let us know your thoughts. And last but not the least, we at Funniest Indian are totally committed towards bringing mind-boggling stories for our viewers from different parts of India. We have no intention of hurting anybody’s religious or regional feelings and solely focused on bringing cheerful and hilarious stories for our audience.

Kindly let us know in case you have any suggestions for us.



We live in the selfie generation, so it’s not extraordinary to find photos of people pouting at themselves in the mirror. However, sometimes these kinds of images get engrossing, when the mirror reflects back something the individual taking the photo didn’t intend on showing the rest of the world. But it’s not just selfies that can cause these kinds of issues. If there’s a reflective surface anywhere in the surrounding of your photo, make sure to check the photos twice before you post the picture online.

The following are 15 such hillarous mirror reflections that will make you check your own photos again and again :

This picture is nothing but a simple reflection of the chairs in the room, which made him look like as if he had pissed his pants.


Let us check and double check the photograph. Its just a mere reflection of her sleeveless tshirt, while a girl was busy doing her work in the computer.

A bad timing of a photograph can make all the difference. This image is of such an instance. The girl was busy in trying her new spectacles while the reflection ruined her photograph.

This image is a simple one but the photograph was spoiled because of the reflection of light.

The reflection on the sunglass , worn by the girl is quite weirdo. The selfie was totally ruined by the reflection.

The photograph came to be such a hilarious one as the reflection on the sunglass, worn by the girl, who was sitting beside the driver, made all the difference.

The mirror image of a man was responsible for ruining the photograph. The women could not imagine that her photograph would be loking like a weirdo.

While the guy was busy watching the x-rated materials, the reflection of the screen of the ipad was clearly seen on the transparent cover of the electronic device.

While he was busy checking his muscles, the reflection on the mirror seem to be quite weird.

The selfie, clicked by the bare-skinned guy, was a mirror image .But he didn’t notice the mirror and clicked the selfie.

While the girl was busy in clicking her selfie , she didn’t notice that someone was sleeping on the bed.

The above image was spoiled because of the mirror reflection.

The boy didn’t notice that the reflection was all that made the difference in the image.

This photograph is also due to the mirror image.

The reflection can made all the difference in a simple photograph. This image is also an instance.


These Embarrassing Picture On The Web Will Kill Your Boredom

Whether your work day is long, or your week is lasting forever, or maybe you are getting bored of your sweatpants and television marathon binge- you need something to pass the time and kill your boredom.

If you don’t have an endless supply of mini recipe videos, or long cat compilation creations. Here are some of the best photos on the internet that will be sure you make you say “What?” And kill your boredom instantly.

Yoga All Day


There is a bad stereotype that if you are not thin then you are not flexible. And while people are constantly pushing the mould of what it is like to be the “perfect” yoga body, this guy proves that everyone can be an awesome yogi if you put in some effort.

Naughty Santa:

While Santa is supposed to be the judge of who is going to be on the naughty or on the nice list, who is the one who is going to judge him? It looks like Santa is aiming to get a little bit naughty this year with his sexual stare.

Cheers To The Happy Couple!

This wedding goer got a little too excited with his toast or the happily married couple and decided to throw his drink on them instead of celebrating them. At least there was someone there to capture the moment and cherish this forever!

The Tiniest Crime Scene:

This little guy didn’t even stand a chance. He was just hopping along on his way to catch some flies or grab a drink with his friends -whatever frogs do for fun- and he hit the pavement, splat. Now only his crime scene is his memory.

No Homer, No!

I think there is a reason that the Simpsons don’t do cosplay and it’s because a Simpson character come to life is absolutely terrifying and should be avoided at all costs. That’s unless you want something new to haunt your Childs nightmares.

A Very Friendly Elephant:

This cute little cartoon guy was created to illustrate a not so cute and very unflattering image of a lonely person pleasuring themselves. At first glance, you would think, “oh how cute!” But after a couple moments, you start looking over your should for rogue masturbators.

Um, Shark:

This girl is beautiful and looking absolutely stunning in her tiny black bikini. And the weather is perfect, the sun is shining, and the water is completely crystal blue. Except for the giant shark that seems to be stalking her looking increasingly hungry!

White or superpower:

On this next episode of ghost hunters, we will examine the case of the vanishing girl in the photo of her slightly more than friends. How could it be possible to be so what that you actually blend into the while sand background of your photo?

Shake It Baby:

There was a trend at one time where you would shake your head as hard as you could while letting your face hang loose and snap a photo of the action shot of this process. The results were hilarious at the time and also completely incriminating for anyone’s future.

What is in there?


These two couples seem to be very inquisitively looking into each other’s pants as if it is completely a mystery as to what is going on in there. Hopefully, it’s nothing too medically urgent and it is just little check in to make sure everything is working right.

Fashion Accessory:

This woman probably did not realize that she was adding to her outfit when she went to the bathroom to “freshen up” a bit. Her dress is now doting the latest accessory to hit the runway, bathroom chic with a little bit of toilet paper flair.


23+ Embarrassing Stories People Would Rather Hide from the Internet

Remember the peaceful times before social media took over our lives? Me neither.

The internet has robbed us of the little bit privacy we used to have, don’t you think? We all have that one picture which we’re afraid would go viral on the internet. And it isn’t even worth worrying about it, cause your bestie has already been showing it around for ages.

Well, I don’t know about your embarrassing picture, but here we have a compilation of the few most embarrassing stories on the internet. I’m sure the people in the pictures regret their existence right now. Because we all know, the internet NEVER forgets!


Take a look…

Grabbed opportunities

Grabbed opportunities

The look on the other chimp’s face says it all!

The unintended NSFW picture

The unintended NSFW picture

When a hangout ends up with pictures of other things hanging as well. It’s somebody else’s foot though.

Just another day at the Yoga class

Just another day at the Yoga class

When somebody didn’t pay much attention to the yoga pants shopping. Kudos to the flexibility, though.

The doggy push

The doggy push

The awkward moment when even your own dog hates you.

The pseudo skiing

The pseudo skiing

When you’re hungover and wanna go all Jesus around the place.

The tight dresses

The tight dresses

When bridesmaids dresses were toooo uncomfortable…

The irrevocable split

The irrevocable split

When you managed to do a split but do you get up now?!

The illusion

The illusion

When you appear to be naked because of your friend’s flabby arm.

Clothes swap

Clothes swap

When you wanted to see how it feels to be like a teenage girl, only fatter and hairier.

The sore hole

The sore hole

Don’t really know what went wrong there…

The spill and fall

The spill and fall

Embarrassing for one, funny for many!

The dream orgy

The dream orgy

When you’re asleep but still want more.



When you didn’t think you could get any worse pictures on the internet.

Shitty cheerleading sessions

Shitty cheerleading sessions

When you were too late to find a washroom. Uh oh.

Camel toe tales

Camel toe tales

When you made everyone around you happy with one walk.

Ready for party?

Ready for party?

When too much is seen through the dress. Nobody’s complaining though.

Will anyone notice?

Will anyone notice?

When you’re too hungover to dress up.

Just nightclub things

Just nightclub things

When you wake up and wonder what was going on?

The Karate Piss

The Karate Piss

When the dog tells you, what else it can do!

Caught in the moment

Caught in the moment

When you thought nobody was watching and you could get away with a little scratching.

A bad day

A bad day

When you take a little something from the loo on your way back.

Tough train ride

Tough train ride

When the train ride turns too rough for you.

The awkward boner

The awkward boner

Hey, you like what you like. Can’t change nothing!

The awkward spill

The awkward spill

When you are just done with life and don’t even bother getting up anymore!

The doggy chase

The doggy chase

When the dog doesn’t like the cat.

Two faced girlfriend?

Two faced girlfriend?

When you’re too drunk to see which side is which.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


37 Times When People Had The Most Embarrassing Backgrounds For A Selfie

At times, a selfie fails to capture whatever moment is happening and instead is photobombed by the surrounding that makes it even funnier – be it people making funny faces, or maybe a dog putting his butt on the show.

But mostly, these awful selfies are just people with horrible, terrible, no good, very bad taste. These are the epic selfie fails that the Internet has to offer.

Take some time and laugh how some great selfies ended up being a disaster.


Note: We’ve provided as many image sources as we could find. If there are any corrections, kindly let us know.

Please look around before posting such a picture!

Please look around before posting such a picture!

This guy is trying hard to show that his life isn’t as lonely – but this picture draws all the curtains from the reality.

When you see it…

When you see it...

When you look past the enchanting cleavages, you’d also hope that somebody hears the kid’s cry for help.

“Stop this bullshit!”

It’s clear to see that the dog is tired of her fake poses.


A poor mirror selfie mishap – the kid looks like he’s been held a hostage.


Me, me bestie… and my bro!

Me, me bestie... and my bro!

I am inclined to announce this as one of the best unfortunate photobomb on the internet.

Caught humping!

Caught humping!

This pretty selfie was terribly ruined by the mighty dog humping the girl in the back.

Caught while doing ‘The Stuff’

Caught while doing 'The Stuff'

Poor girl had no idea that her pretty smile will be overshadowed by the dogs doing ‘the nasties’ behind her!

Such a beautiful mess…

Such a beautiful mess...

You can look all pretty and sexy, but I guess you can take some time off to clean up that mess.

Taking the wall down!

Taking the wall down!

Her sexy finger-bite moment was ruined when a guy showed up with his pants rolled down, while another rolls on the floor.

Dat ass, though!

Dat ass, though!

Looks like the camera has shifted its focus to something – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like this picture.

When you see it…

When you see it...

Looks like it’s too late for her to realize the mistake she made with this selfie.

“Girlfriend caught me sleeping”

Another pic where a single reflection of himself could reveal all the truths he’s trying to hide. #SoDeep

A shi*ty selfie.

A shi*ty selfie.

I guess it’s high time to frickin’ replace this door.

An unfortunate name to fall on the mirror.

An unfortunate name to fall on the mirror.

Poor girl will never hear the last of this, forever.

The naked truth…

The naked truth...

This selfie could’ve been great, if only he realized that there was a reflective glass behind him.

“Boyfriend sneaking in my shower”

I don’t understand why that guy “with a girlfriend” above doesn’t get along with her. It’s a win-win!

When you notice it…

When you notice it...

I think these guys knew that the guy is ‘getting a head’ on in the background. He’s hiding it quite perfectly, though.

Another “Bae caught me sleeping”


Girl, with the scattered chips and all, it was a good try… But open your eyes… There’s a mirror right behind you… And unless your hand is your ‘boyfriend,’ everyone can pretty much see the truth.

When you see it…

When you see it...

The other mirror is catching a better angle of the girl.

Looking sexy!

Looking sexy!

But ignoring the fact that the dog is drinking from the toilet. He better not lick her after this.

“Starting the morning…”


Though, his butt looks like perfectly stacked buns… Woah, that sounded even dirtier… Alright… moving on!

“Make Mama look sexy.”


I wonder how this daughter ends up as an adult. SMH!

Momma looking pretty…

Momma looking pretty...

But is sadly forgetting to notice the mirror behind her. These bathroom selfies are just too much.

When you see it…

When you see it...

It just looks like a sweet click of a couple, unless…

When you’re no longer a part of the ‘Cool Squad’

When you're no longer a part of the 'Cool Squad'

The disappointed look captured of the girl in the back is priceless.

“You are a disappointment.”


Even the mother here is judging her daughter’s life choices. I’m guessing the girl is getting grounded.

‘Sexy Selfie’ fail

'Sexy Selfie' fail

If you think that the shaking camera effect is the weirdest thing of this pic… Look closer.

“Why, Dad? Why?”


It’s sad that this memory of his prom night will be forever cherished.

“I’m sexy and I know it”


Meanwhile, the girl is trying her best not to ruin mommy’s selfie.

Two butt-iful girls

Two butt-iful girls

Best. Photobomb. Ever.

Leaving some things to the imagination.

Leaving some things to the imagination.

This guy just lost the thin line between sexy and creepy.

Another washroom selfie fail

Another washroom selfie fail

When taking a washroom selfie, (First of all, why?) make sure you aren’t taking someone’s private moments with themselves away.

Taking a selfie, catching a perv.

Taking a selfie, catching a perv.

WTF is that guy doing over there?

Okay, this needs to stop now!

Okay, this needs to stop now!

How hard is it to remember that there is a mirror in the room, that could break the whole lie you’re trying to build, Damn.

When you see it…

When you see it...

This guy is unknowingly showing more than just his turf-burn…

Someone looks pretty…


Someone looks pretty...
While someone is enjoying an entirely different view.

Giving a re-view…

Giving a re-view...

I don’t know how long it will take for him to notice this… But I hope he makes sure he doesn’t repeat it again.

Did you like the compilation? Share your thoughts in the comments and share it with your friends… And guys… Please check your backgrounds before taking a selfie.


13 Photos Proving That Cats and Dogs Are from Different Worlds

For  many people cats and dogs are more than just pets. They can be faithful friends and real family members. Active joyful dogs and independent proud cats — they’re so different, but we love both of them just the way they are.

How they treat water…


..and behave on a walk


When we’re trying to work at home


How they choose a comfortable place to sleep



…ride in a car


…welcome owners home

…react when we pet them

…sleep with their owner

…behave when they did something wrong

…ask to be held


…chase after the light


…treat an owner


Watch: The cool cola advertisement they will never run in India (because it will offend morals)



While a trader’s body boycott of Coke and Pepsi is underway in Tamil Nadu, an LGBTQ-friendly advertisement for the soft drink company has gone viral on the internet.

A handsome pool-boy is cleaning the pool in the hot sun and a young woman gazes at him longingly. She has a competitor, who’s ogling from another window. Both of them rush to quench the pool-boy’s thirst with a Coke, only to be beaten to by a third player in the fray.


No, we’ll never see this ad in India. It crosses too many lines for conversative moralists.

On social media, some pointed out a different aspect of the irony.

Some became fans.





10+Jealous People That Got Caught Up In Their Envy

Jealousy is a very common trait. Many of us are self-conscious about something, and when you see somebody owning that particular quality, it can suck. I mean no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be as good at football as Ronaldo, and boy that does make me jealous.


But some people have jealousy issues more important than my football envy. And, what makes it worse is when they’re caught displaying their jealousy by someone with a camera. The results are probably pretty traumatic for those involved, but for the rest of us, they’re absolutely funny.


We give you the funniest jealous moments ever caught on camera.

1. Mine not big jealousy

Maybe the low cut top wasn’t the right choice for the blond

2. Dog jealousy

If you don’t want the dog to get all the attention, don’t bring it.

3. Kissing jealousy

The moment when you realize everything he said to you was a lie.

4. Ice-cream jealousy

This is foreshadowing for that boys whole life

5. Camera jealousy

Size doesn’t matter….. right

6. Girl jealousy

I hope they don’t decide to jump on her.

7. Cake jealousy.

uh oh, look out that lady looks like she is ready to attack.

8. Date jealousy

What an awkward threesome

9. Baby jealousy

Look out kid, that other baby’s gonna get you.

10. Rabbit jealousy

Tinkerbell is much cuter when she isn’t jealous.

11. Umbrella jealousy

Why wouldn’t the lady be jealous, she gets an umbrella all to herself

12. Floating device jealousy

I hope the girl on the right knows how to swim.

13. Legs jealousy

Sorry girl, covering your dude’s eyes won’t make him unsee that.

14. Junk jealousy

There is a lot to be jealous of.

15. Its crowd jealousy

Jealousy wears a large coat in the shadows.

16. Comicon jealousy

Sorry dude, wait for your turn.

17. Lesbians jealousy

what to say, just look at her expressions, like she gonna kill her after this is over.

18. Perfect jealousy

Yeah right, the woman on left got some quality boobs, to make everyone jealous.

19. Booty jealousy

You have to work hard, for having that kind of booty.

20. Cleavage jealousy

Yeah, even the Hollywood stars to gets jealous of each other.

So I am happy, my jealous moments weren’t caught on camera, they’d be right up with this lot. So funny.

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